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October 10, 2018

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How your Home Can Benefit from a Water Air Purifier

Throughout the home, millions of micro particles circulate the air. Pollen spores, mold spores, pet dander and dust can be found in the air all around us. The problem is that these allergens can cause an array of health problems, even for those who don’t have pre-existing conditions.

When we are outside, it is a lot easier to protect against allergens. Things like antihistamine medication can protect from conditions like hayfever and inhalers can help to combat asthma symptoms. The problem is that most of us wrongly assume that we are safe in the home.

Combatting allergens in the home isn’t quite as easy. However, there is one thing that you can do in order to cleanse the air in your home and that is to invest in a water air purifier. These appliances have a lot of health benefits and can reduce the amount of allergens in your home by up to 99%. Here are a couple of the ways in which you can benefit from a water air purifier.

  • Remove Pollen & Reduce Allergies – Pollen spores can be an absolute nightmare for people who are susceptible to hayfever. Symptoms like a runny nose, tickly cough and puffy eyes can be incredibly debilitating. One of the biggest advantages that come with a water air purifier is that you are able to remove pollen spores from the air, thus reducing hayfever symptoms.
  • Remove Dust & Mold Spores – Millions of mold spores can be found in the air that we breathe and this can cause breathing problems. Likewise, dust can affect breathing. By using a water air purifier in the home, you are able to make sure that dust and mold spores are removed from the air, which may improve breathing, even for those without pre-existing problems.
  • Remove Bad Odor – If you are a smoker or a pet owner, then you will undoubtedly notice that unpleasant smells can linger in the home. Tobacco smoke can cling to fabrics and really make the home smell bad. The good thing about using a water air purifier is that you are able to remove these bad smells as they are absorbed by the filters in the unit. Some water air purifiers offer fragrances with them which dispel when using the humidifying feature.
  • Moisten the Air – If you suffer with a dry cough during hot weather or cold weather then it could be due to the air being too dry. This usually happens when using an air conditioner or a radiator. By using a water air purifier, you are able to use a humidifying feature which will add moisture to the air.

Choosing your Water Air Purifier

Choosing a water air purifier will depend on a number of factors. It is important that you consider the different features that different models offer in order to make sure that you have chosen the right purifier for your home. Here are a couple of the features that you should keep in mind, when choosing a water air purifier.

  • Water Capacity – When choosing your water air purifier, one of the features that you should look for is the water capacity. If you are only planning on using the unit in an office or small bedroom then you won’t require a big capacity, but for larger spaces the capacity will need to be substantial enough to provide adequate coverage.
  • Speeds – This is an important one. Not all water purifiers will have adjustable speeds, so this is something that you should be looking at. If you suffer quite badly with allergies or breathing problems then you are probably going to benefit more from a unit that will allow you to adjust the speeds of the fan. This will increase or decrease the amount of allergens that are removed from the air.
  • LED Lights – One of the best features of a water air purifier is that it can be used as a relaxing aromatherapy tool. Again, not all purifiers will have this feature, but if you want to get the most out of aromatherapy then it is a good idea to look for a unit that has colour changing LED lights. These will provide a calming atmosphere when using the purifier overnight.

These are just a couple of suggestions for different features that you should be thinking about. To give you a head start, we have decided to review our top 3 water air purifiers. If you are thinking about purchasing one, then take a look at our reviews to see if any would be suitable for your home.

3. AMOS Globe Air Revitaliser

The initial set up of this globe water air purifier was actually a lot simpler than we thought. So, upon unboxing and taking all of the components out, the first thing that we needed to do was to fill up the base with water. There is a minimum and a maximum but we chose to use the maximum because the space that we were using is quite large.

Once we filled the base of the globe with water, we were able to choose one of the three fragrance oils to add. All of the fragrances smelled great. You can choose from Garden of Eden, Sandalwood and Wild Berries. We chose the Sandalwood option which was lovely.

As instructed, we added about 3 drops to the water. One thing that we noticed is that the smell was instantly released so we were hopeful about the fragrances travelling far once the air purifier was in use. Once we screwed the lid of the globe back on, it was simply a matter of plugging the unit in and switching it on via the switch on the top of the globe.

One of the things that we noticed straight away was that it didn’t take very long at all for the unit to start producing the fragrance. As we expected, it filled the room quite nicely and didn’t take long to do so. The fragrance seemed to last throughout the whole time the globe was running and for a long time after, which is a definite plus point.

The colour changing LED lights add a really nice touch to the aromatherapy oils and we found that it was very relaxing when used whilst drifting off to sleep. The only complaint that we had is that the globe itself seems to be a little noisy. Given that there is no option to adjust the speed with this one, we couldn’t make it any quieter. However, if you are a heavy sleeper then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall, for a budget globe water air purifier, this model from AMOS is quite impressive. It is very basic with simple controls and does what it should.


  • 14w
  • 250ml-650ml Water Capacity
  • 30m2 Air Coverage
  • 130cm Power Cord
  • 7 Colour Changing LED Lights
  • 3 Fragrances


2. Aironic ® Air Purifier

For more of a mid-range option, we decided to give the Aironic ® Air Purifier a go. The initial setup of this particular air purifier was much the same as the previous one. The first thing that we noticed was the increased water capacity. At 1.4L, we were able to fit much more water inside the globe.

Again, once we had filled the inside of the globe with water it was time to add the fragrance. This one comes with 3 different 10ml fragrances. We chose to go with the Citrus Fresh fragrance to see how different it was to the last one that we tried. With just 3 drops in the water we noticed the smell immediately.

One of the things that we really liked about this air purifier is the touch control panel. This allows you to adjust the speed, timer, release of ions and the colour changing LED lights. The great thing is that we found the control panel incredibly easy to use. The buttons are laid out very clearly and couldn’t be simpler to understand.

We tried all three speeds to see what results we would get. At the lowest speed, we found that the noise level was really low. When in combination with the colour changing LED’s and the aromatherapy oil, we really found it relaxing and easy to sleep with. At the highest speeds, the purifier can be a little noisy so probably wouldn’t be suitable for overnight use.

What we liked the most about this particular water air purifier is how stylish it looks. It doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy; it has been well designed and is very easy to use. For a mid-range unit we would definitely recommend this one from Aironic.


  • 6w
  • 4L Water Capacity
  • 7 Colour Changing LED Lights
  • 3 10ml Fragrances
  • 3 Speeds
  • Timer Mode


1. Rainbow Breezer by CareforAir – Our Top Pick

To start off with, what we liked about this particular water air purifier is that it looks a little different to the others that we have reviewed. It is still a globe shape, but a little different in design. Setting up was just the same as the previous two; simply add the water and the fragrance oil. We decided to use the oil that comes with the purifier which is a 100ml bottle of Thai Lotus fragrance. We have to say that the fragrance itself is lovely and really travels well.

One thing that we did notice during our use of this air purifier is that the water should be changed on a regular basis in order to get the best results. Once we plugged it in, we were ready to go. At the front of the unit you will see a switch which will enable you to turn the unit on or off. From the side, you will see a switch which allows you to control the 7 colour changing LED lights.

You can also control the timer feature and the speed of the unit. When it comes to the different speeds, we would definitely recommend using the lowest speed possible if you are planning on using the purifier whilst you sleep. It definitely gets quite noisy at higher speeds, but not too noisy to interrupt you during the day.

As far as results go, we were really impressed with this one. We found that the fragrance travelled quite far around the home and lasted for quite a long time. Within a couple of days we definitely noticed a difference in the quality of the air within the home. It felt much cleaner and breathing was improved.

We cannot recommend this water air purifier enough, which is why it has taken our number 1 spot.


  • 16w
  • 7 Colour Changing LED Lights
  • 1 100ml Fragrance
  • 3 Speeds
  • Timer Mode


There you have it; our top 3 water air purifiers. Take a look at each one carefully and see which one would suit your home the best.





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