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September 14, 2016

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Top 5 Air Purifiers For Smoke In The Home / Bedroom

PureMate Review - Our Number 1

PureMate Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air PurifierThe PureMate air purifier is an impressive device that comes with a ton of features which are sure to leave your house smelling fresh and smoke free. Read on to find out more (VIEW PRICE HERE!).

  • The PureMate air purifier contains a HEPA filter which can capture 99.97% of all particles.
  • This purifier has a smoke CADR of 110. CADR (or Clean Air Delivery Rate) basically measures how much air the filter can purify in 60 seconds. It is measured in cubic feet, so this purifier can clean 110 cubic feet in one minute. CADR’s normally differentiate between smoke, dust and pollen.
  • The purifier contains an optional ioniser and a UV-C light feature, both of which can help kill bacteria and viruses.
  • This PureMate device has three handy components which work together to ensure you have better air. First there is an active carbon filter which can capture the cigarette smoke, then the HEPA filter will capture 99.97% of the rest of the particles, and finally the UV-C light features will work to kill any viruses and bacteria.
  • This air purifier has been designed to blink when you need to change the filter or UV-C bulb, so you’ll never have to worry about remembering to replace them.
  • This is quite a large purifier which measures at 22 inches and is therefore better suited for large and medium size rooms.
  • The PureMate purifier comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. This not only protects you against damages and gives you extra peace of mind, but it lets you know that the creators of this device made it to be durable and long lasting.


Features: HEPA filter- Smoke CADR of 110 - 3 part system - Filter change reminder function - Suitable for large and medium sized rooms - 2 year warranty.

Pricing: Mid-range.




Breathe Fresh Air 3-in-1 Review - Number 2

breathe-fresh-air-3-in-1-air-cleaning-system-purifier-true-hepa-uv-c-odor-reducer-carbonThis air purifier guarantees total satisfaction or your money back! Read on to discover the full range of its features.

  • This air purifier comes with a HEPA filter system which can capture up to 99.97 of all airborne particles.
  • This is a medium sized air purifier and works great in small and medium size rooms.
  • The Breathe Fresh Air purifier comes with a UV-C light which helps kill mould spores, bacteria and viruses.
  • This purifier comes with an Activated Carbon filter which can significantly reduce the smell of cigarette smoke.
  • The manufacturers at Breathe are so confident in their creation that they are offering a 30 day guarantee and, if you are not totally satisfied, you can get your money back!
  • This product comes with a 2 year warranty which will keep you you protected for longer.


Features: HEPA filter - UV-C light to help combat viruses and spores - Carbon filter - 2 year warranty.

Pricing: Mid-range.




HoMedics Review - Number 3

homedics-hepa-professional-air-purifierThis is a compact, skinny purifier which is so quiet you can even use it in your bedroom! Read on to discover more about the HoMedics Air Purifier.

  • The HoMedics purifier comes with a HEPA filter that can remove 99.97% of all particles.
  • This purifier has three separate cleaning speed options so you can control the speed and sufficiency of your device.
  • This purifier is best suited to small and medium sized rooms as it won’t take up too much space. It is appropriate for rooms that measure up to 55 m sq/h.
  • The HoMedics purifier comes with an impressive three year warranty so you are protected for longer and you’re safe in the knowledge that this device has been built to last.
  • The purifier is ideal for combating cigarette smoke as well as dust particles, pollen and other allergens that can lead to allergic reactions and asthma attacks.


Features: HEPA filter - 3 cleaning speeds - Suitable for small rooms - 3 year warranty.

Pricing: Mid-range.




Aironic Review - Number 4

aironicThis Airconic air purifier has an extensive four step process and a ton of features to ensure your air becomes fresh and clean. Read on to find out more.

  • This purifier comes with a HEPA filter that is renowned for its ability to destroy over 99.7% of particles.
  • The Airconic also contains a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter and a cold catalyst filter. The devices built-in ioniser removes air that has been contaminated with spores or viruses.
  • This purifier has a 4 step system that effectively removes and destroys bad odours, cigarette smoke and dust.
  • This Aironic purifier can be manually set to three different speeds and it can be scheduled for up to 12 hours. This purifier has been designed to be extra quiet, and it comes with an easy to use LCD screen.
  • The Aironic Purifier is portable, it is suitable for a large range of room sizes, and it comes with its own remote control.
  • This purifier also has an additional ‘anion’ feature which helps remove the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves from your air. These waves are typically found in electronic devices like computers.


Features: HEPA filter - 4 filters inc. carbon filter - 4 step system - 3 speed - Can be pre-scheduled - LCD screen - Anion feature to combat electromagnetic waves.

Pricing: Affordable




VonHaus Review - Number 5

vonhausThis advanced, medium sized air purifier could be exactly what you need to remove cigarette smoke from your house. Find out more below.

  • The VonHaus purifier has a sophisticated four step filter process that effectively removes cigarette smoke, fungi, viruses, bacteria and pollen.
  • This device has an inbuilt HEPA filter that is known to eliminate over 99.7% of particles larger than 0.3 micron. This device is complete with an activated carbon filter, which is essential for removing cigarette smoke.
  • This device also has a pre-filter, a built-in ioniser and a cold catalyst filter.
  • The VonHaus has three speeds to choose from, you can schedule it for up to 12 hours, and you can control it via the included remote control.
  • This purifier comes with an extended 2 year warranty so you know you are protected from faulty products and manufacturing mishaps.


Features: 4 step filter process - HEPA filter - Carbon filter - Built-in ioniser - Multiple speeds - Can be pre-scheduled - Free remote control - 2 year warranty.

Pricing: Affordable





This brings us to the end of our list. These are all impressive air purifiers that can effectively combat cigarette smoke, but first prize has to go to the PureMate Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air Purifier and Ioniser with UV-C and Odor Reduction - 22 Inch. This device has an impressive three step filter process that effectively removes particles, bacteria and unpleasant smells.  It is a durable, high-end purifier that works best for larger rooms, and it is complete with an impressive two year warranty!



Cigarette smoke has a nasty habit of lingering long after the cigarette itself has been extinguished. The smell can get into your furniture’s fabrics and make your home smell unpleasant, and if you are a non smoker or you live with a non smoker it is obviously common decency to ensure they come into contact with cigarette smoke as little as possible.

Whilst smokers are encouraged to smoke outside and thus keep their homes smoke free, this isn’t always convenient or possible. The winters can be very cold, you may live at the top of a big flight of stairs, and your property may have rules that state you’re not actually allowed to smoke outside.

As you are reading this we will assume that you are interested in buying an air purifier which can get rid of cigarette smoke and leave your home smelling fresh. Before you make a purchase there are a few things you should be aware of. The most important thing you should keep in mind is that the majority of air purifiers are not designed to remove smoke particles.

Air purifiers for smoke

Most air purifiers have been created to get rid of allergens, odours and dust and they won’t be that good at removing smoke. Therefore, if you want an effective air purifier you will need one that is designed to remove smoke and contains an active carbon filter.

In order for your air purifier to effectively tackle cigarette smoke it must have two functions. It must be able to remove the odorous particles from the smoke and it must also be able to remove the airborne particles that make up the smoke that you can visibly see.

If you want to feel confident in your air purifier it is strongly recommended that you ensure it has a HEPA filter. These are effective filters which can get rid of 99.97% of particles and they are renowned for their superior filtering abilities. You will also want a carbon filter because this is what will get rid of the smell. If your air purifier is going to make a noticeable difference it must have both a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

We understand shopping for these kinds of products can be time consuming and confusing, but luckily we’ve compiled a list of the top five air purifiers that are specifically good at combating cigarette smoke.


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