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IQAir HealthPro 150 Remote control, Auto timer, Ultra quiet fan, Noise absorption, Odour & Gas Filtration High-End CLICK HERE FOR PRICE!

Blueair 650E Remote control, Auto timer, Odour, Smoke, Pollen & Gas Filtration, 5 air exchanges / hour, 5 Year warranty High-End CLICK HERE FOR PRICE!

Fellowes PlasmaTrue 4 Stage cleaning process, Odour, Smoke, Pollen, Dust & Viruses Filtration, User friendly, 5 Year warranty Mid-Range CLICK HERE FOR PRICE!

Heaven Fresh HF 310A 5 Stage Air Purification, Auto air quality control via sensor, Long lasting 16 UV LEDs Affordable CLICK HERE FOR PRICE!

Homcom Portable Compressor 24L Moisture Removal per day, Filter traps air borne particles, Automatic defrosting, Quiet rotary compressor Affordable CLICK HERE FOR PRICE!

Best Air Purifiers For Asthma & Smoke In 2017 – 2018 – Our Top 3

If you suffer from allergies, or you have children who do, then you will appreciate how upsetting it can be. Pollen, pollution, and many other things can cause allergies and there are few things you can do about it. One thing that can help is to have an air purifier to filter out the air in your room. They can remove a lot of the particles that cause problems and help to relieve the symptoms. Here are a list of the top five air purifiers.


IQAir Health Pro 250 Review – Our Number 1

Air Purifier Reviews For Asthma & Smoke - Best In UKThis air purifier from IA Air (CHECK PRICE!) is designed to filter out a lot of the particles people may have allergies to. It has many filters to clear specific pollutants from the air. Here are a few reasons why it has reached number one.

  • The air purifier is fitted with a Micro Particle filter to clean out pollen, and mould spores from the air.
  • Also fitted is a Granular activated carbon absorption which can remove many types of odour and other organic compounds.
  • Special HypaHEPA filters remove bacteria and viruses from the air as well as smoke and car fumes.
  • The IQAir can filter up to .003 microns with its filter system, which is one of the best on the market.

The IQAir Health Pro 250 has many types of filtration to give you the cleanest air possible. It also has a 5 year warranty so you have the peace of mind that any problems can be fixed.


Blueair 650E Review – Number 2

Blueair 650EThe Blueair 650E is a high power air purifier that can deal with a large area very quickly. It has multi stage filtration system that will remove many of the harmful particles from the air. Let us see why it has reached the number two spot.

  • The Blueair 650E can filter a room up to 65m2 and can change the air 5 times in one hour. This will keep the room pollutant free for meetings or for office colleagues.
  • The unit is fully electronic and comes with a remote that can control the unit from across the room.
  • It currently has the highest CADR rating for any air purifier on the market.
  • It is fitted with a multi filter system that can remove many odours and particles from the air that can cause allergies.

Overall, the Blueair 650E is a great air purifier that can clean out a lot of the pollutants in the air. It has a good energy star rating for efficiency and low power consumption. It would be a great product to have in any office or bedroom.



Fellowes PlasmaTrue Review – Number 3

Fellowes PlasmaTrueThis air purifier from Fellowes has many filters to help clean the air from harmful particles and allergens. It has simple controls that can be set to individual needs as well as an automatic setting to monitor the surrounding air. Here are some more details about the Fellowes PlasmaTrue.

  • There is a four stage cleaning process that will filter out up to 99.97% of pollutants. It can effectively clean pollen, dust, viruses and other germs.
  • An auto feature will monitor the air quality and automatically adjust the purifier to clean out the harmful particles.
  • It can clean a room up to 28 square meters in size, which is ideal for a small room at home or at work.
  • Simple controls tell you when the filters need changing and the status of the purifier.

The Fellowes PlasmaTrue s small but mighty with its effectiveness. It can clean almost all of the pollutants and other particles out of the air easily. It is very energy efficient and also has a 5 year warranty for peace of mind.



Heaven Fresh HF 310A Review – Number 4

Heaven Fresh HF 310AThe Heaven Fresh HF310A is an impressive air purifying unit that can clean a wide area with ease. It has a multi stage filter system and smart sensors that can constantly monitor the air for you. Here is why it has reached number four in the list.

  • A thorough five stage filtration process cleans the air vigorously and can remove pollen, dust, smoke and many other particles.
  • The unit is fitted with an automatic sensor that can constantly monitor the surrounding air. It will then filter out any particles that it detects.
  • A CADR rating of 160 cfm means that it can dramatically reduce the purification time and so needs less energy.
  • It has easy to use controls and is very quiet in operation so it won’t be a problem using the unit at night.

For those looking for an air purifier that can easily clean a wide area, but won’t take up a lot of room, then this may be the answer. With its high filtration and low energy consumption, the Heaven Fresh HF 310A is a good choice.



Homcom Portable Compressor Review – Number 5

Homcom Portable CompressorThis portable air purifier and dehumidifier is ideal for those times when you need to clean the air in more than one room. It can be easily transported and has a number or useful features that that make it a worthy fifth place on the list.

  • The unit can remove up to 24 litres of moisture per day, that includes the 3.5 litre integrated tank.
  • Multi stage filtration cleans many harmful bacteria and particles from the air. It is useful for those suffering from allergens that also need a dry air environment.
  • Can be used even in the coldest conditions due to its defrosting mode.
  • It is very easy to use and is very quiet when operating. Ideal for bedrooms or holiday homes.

If you need a portable air purifier you can easily rely on this unit. The Homcom Portable Compressor also has a built in dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the air. With its easy to use operation and low noise, it deserves its place on the list.




The top spot on the list goes to the IQAir Health Pro 250. Its multiple filters and efficient cleaning means that it can clear even the dirtiest of air. It can successfully remove almost all of the harmful particles such as pollen, dust and smoke and leave the air clean and fresh.