How Long Should You Keep Your Air Purifier On For? Find Out Here!

June 22, 2022

How Much Time Should I Leave My Air Purifier Running For?

If you have just invested in a brand new personal air purifier for your home to filter out bad airborne particles types and improve air quality, you might be wondering how long you should be leaving your air purifier on?

Well, in the scenario that you are home all day, you should be running your air purifier for 24 hours of operation daily to stop the air particles of contaminant coming back. For some people who leave for work, you can turn your purifier off then back on where you at home again.

The next common questions about purifiers if they are left on all the time, is whether or not they bring a high electricity cost, so to make it all more simple, we've put together a short article below that will explain all about how to use your purifier and its cost. 

Why Should My Air Purifier Be On All The Time?

A modern air purifier which does not emit ozone such a HEPA and carbon types of device are designed to be left on all the time like a fridge so as they can filter out airborne pollutant effectively, many people only think you need to leave you purifier on for a couple of hours, but this is not enough time to clean the air properly. 

Once you turn your type of device off, the air quality will go back to how it was within 3-4 hours. 

If you are going back to a room where your purifier has been turned off or it's your first time using your purifier in an air contaminant room, then we've listed some steps to follow below. 

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  • Step One - Run your air purifier on full power to clean the airborne pollutant particles out of the room for at least two-three hours depending on how much coverage your type of purifier has and its extraction rate, it should clean the air in the room at least twice. 
  • Step Two - Once you have cleaned the room fully you can switch the air purifier product to a low speed so as it can maintain the clean air around the room.

How Much Will It Cost To Run My Air Purifier All The Time? 

If you can, your air purifier should be left on all the time when your home, but this can mean a high amount of electricity consumption and cost for some people. 

To work out how much it will cost to run your type of air purifier for let's say 12 hours of operation you will need to first find out the power consumption of the filter purifier, then work out how much your electricity cost per kWh. 

Once you have both these figures you can then multiply them all together along with the hours of operation to figure out how much it will cost. 

For example, if you have an air purifier which consumes 80 watts of power and you want to run it for twelve hours with your electricity costing 17p per kWh then your cost of running this exact air purifier for 12 hours would be 16 pence.

How To Save The Rate Of Electricity Your Purifier Uses 

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Luckily, there are some ways that you can reduce the cost of your purifier filter in terms of electricity while keeping a good air quality standard, we have listed a few best ways below. 

Use a Smart Types Of Purifier 

Some smart purifiers can have timers to purify the air according to set schedules and set themselves on to low settings when the air reaches optimal quality. A smart air purifier will make the running of the filter more energy-efficient and can allow you to have clean air in your home before you get back from work.

Turn Your Purifiers On Less/More According To Seasons

If you know that your allergies are worsened according to pollen seasons then you can lower energy cost by using the electronic device less during the winter as you will not need it as much. This can help balance out your utility bill from using the purifier to help filter out allergens.

Open The Windows

Now, if your allergies allow, then you can improve air contaminant inside by opening the windows to let fresh air in now and then rather than just relying on your purifier to clean the air, outdoor pollutant rates are said to be five times less than indoor contaminant particle rates nowadays.

Use It On a Low Setting

When sleeping at night you can switch your type of device on to a low setting, this will help it consume less power during these periods and will also be more pleasant to sleep with.

If your air purifier has a fast air cleaning speed it will not need to be left on full power all the time and can be lowered from time to time just to maintain air quality.

Should I Sleep With My Air Purifier On? 

Some people get worried about whether or not they can sleep with their air purifier on, but experts say that sleeping with your air purifier on is recommended so as you can have a better quality of sleep and not be disturbed by dust or allergens in the air while you breathe at night.

Last Words 

To conclude, your air purifier should be left on for as long as possible all the time you are home as you can ensure you are breathing in high-quality air, as soon as you turn your purifier off, within a short period of time airborne chemicals and allergens will be back in the air again. 

If you are worried about the energy cost of your HEPA air purifier, then you can use the tips above to cut back on energy consumption while still getting the most out of your hour's operation.

Kirsten Carter
Kirsten Carter is a freelance content writer who specialises in writing about travel, technology and health. When she's not traveling between her home of Tanzania and England, she writes for her blog Rightminded Travelling and features on a variety of different travel and technology sites.

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