Best Air Purifier & Ioniser Combos - Reviews 2019 - 2020

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September 14, 2016

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Top 3 Air Purifier Ionizers On The Market

VonHaus Review - Our Number 1

vonhausThis affordable and effective air purifier with an optional ioniser has loads of benefits for a fraction of the cost. Read on to find out more (or CHECK PRICE!).

  • The VonHaus Purifier uses an impressive 4 filter system to truly purify your air and remove harmful substances such as gases, viruses, animal dander and cigarette smoke.
  • This purifier includes a True HEPA filter, which has been proven to remove over 99.7% of pollutants that are larger than 0.3 micro.
  • This purifier also has a cold catalyst filter, a pre-filter and an activated carbon filter to complete the 4 filter system. The carbon filter is especially important because it can remove cigarette smoke.
  • The VonHaus ioniser can effectively trap and remove viruses, germs and polluted air.
  • This purifier/ioniser combo is remarkably quiet.
  • The VonHaus purifier and ioniser is easy to use with simple and accessible controls which can help you manually set the fan speed, turn the device and the ioniser on and off and set the timer, all of which is all done on an impressive LCD display screen.
  • This product comes with a free remote control so you can control your purifier without having to go over to the device.
  • VonHaus Air Purifier is sold with a free 2 year warranty which protects you from dud purchases and flimsy devices.


Summary: 4 filter system with HEPA and carbon filters - Optional ioniser - Remarkably quiet - Easy to use controls - LCD screen - Free remote control - 2 year warranty.

Pricing: Mid range.




Tevigo Ionizer Review - Number 2

tevigo-1This compact and reasonably priced ionizer is perfect for rooms with bad air flow such as bathrooms or rooms that people frequently smoke in. Read on for a full list of the Ionizer Air-Ionfresher’s features.

  • This is an ionizer that uses negative ions to trap and remove harmful particles. Because this is more of an ionizer than an air purifier you will not need to buy additional filters like you would with most air purifiers.
  • As you do not need to buy additional filters for this device, it is comparably easy to clean. The ionizer comes with a free cleaning brush, and all you will need to do is clean it with water every so often. This device also comes with a free adapter.
  • This Ionizer is effective at removing harmful particles such as pollen, dust and animal allergens.
  • The Air Ionfresher includes an LED indicator that will light up when the device turns on and will show you that the ionizer is working.
  • This ionizer is relatively quiet as it does not run with a noisy motor, and so it is perfect for your bedroom or work space.
  • The Ionizer is suitable for medium sized rooms that measure between 500 and 1000 square feet.


Features: No need to buy extra filters - Easy to clean - LED indicator - Quiet

Pricing: Affordable




PureMate XJ-1000 Review - Number 3

puremate-1This budget ionic purifier is compact and effective. Read on to discover more.

  • As this is an ionic air purifier, there is no filter that you will need to replace so you save money in the long run as well as in the short term.
  • The PureMate JX-1000 is very compact with dimensions of 12.5 x 7 x 20.5 cm which makes it ideal for small areas.
  • This is an ionic purifier that uses negative ions and advanced electronic air movement technology to to get rid of bad smells, bacteria and viruses.
  • The PureMate is virtually silent as it has no motor so you can have it in your bedroom without worrying about your air purifier keeping you awake.
  • The PureMate Ionic Purifier doesn’t cause much power and won’t run up your electricity bill.


Features: No filter to replace - Cost-effective - Compact - Virtually silent

Pricing: Affordable.





All of the options above are effective ionisers which could certainly benefit your air, but first place has to go to the VonHaus True HEPA Air Purifier with Free 2 Year Warranty, Ioniser and Remote Control. The VonHaus wins because it is an air purifier and ioniser combo, whereas the other two are more ioniser than traditional air purifier. The VonHaus therefore benefits from a HEPA filter and carbon filter, as well as the in-built ioniser, easy to use interface and 2 year warranty.




Air purifiers are specially designed to ‘cleanse’  the air around them and help combat allergens and irritants by removing irritating particles such as dust, pet allergens and pollen.

Air purifiers typically use a variety of filters to cleanse contaminated air and create fresher, healthier air. Because of this, they are frequently marketed for asthma or allergy sufferers because they can help alleviate respiratory problems. Some air purifiers can even increase the air flow within a room and can thus make it easier for you to breath.

There are a lot of different types of air purifiers out there, but typically purifiers with a HEPA filter are the most reliable because HEPA filters have been tested and proven to remove 99.97% of airborne particles which are larger than 0.3 microns.  Carbon filters are another popular component because they help combat bad odours and they are essential for filtering cigarette smoke.


Ionisers (also known as negative ion generators) have a slightly more technical function. Many air purifiers have inbuilt ionisers, and basically when they are enabled they use high voltage to create electrons which are sent into the air. The electrons will then attach to air molecules and this will cause them to form negative ions. These negative ions are then used to attract and trap harmful airborne particles like mould spores and viruses, which are either sucked into the device or de-ionised and dropped to the floor. This does mean you will still have to vacuum regularly, but ionisers are beneficial for the air purifier because not only do they help get rid of more particles but they are also good at eradicating viruses and bacteria’s that could make you sick.


Some people believe that Ionisers could be bad for your health, because they generate small amounts of ozone as a side effect of the negative ions. Whilst most Ionisers are within the ozone safety requirements and are unlikely to pose any risk, some may not meet the safety requirements and could irritate your lungs and decrease lunch capacity. Ionisers are generally safe, but it’s important to check before you buy.

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what an ioniser is, how it can benefit you and what to look out for.

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