Will An Air Purifier Help With Snoring? Find Out Here!

May 7, 2021

Do Air Purifiers Help With Snoring At Night?

Disclaimer: The content below is written to share our experience and should not be regarded as medical advice. Please consult your Doctor should you have any questions.

Whether you are fed up with listening to your partner snore at night, or you are the snorer yourself, air purifier devices might be able to help you with your sleep and how much you are snoring in the bedroom. 

If your snoring is triggered by allergies or airborne particles, then an air purifier can help with snoring as it will remove the particles in the air via filtration that are irritating your nose and throat, causing you to snore. 

Air purifiers don't just help with snoring, but can have huge benefits for your sleep at night overall due to the powerful filtration options they come with to get rid of harmful particles.

We have composed a short guide below, that will get into how an air purifier device can help your snoring and sleep, along with how to choose the best effective air purifier to use at night. 

What Causes Snoring At Night?

Snoring at night can be an embarrassing habit that many of us seem to have, not only can lead it to decreased sleep efficiency, but it can also disturb people around us and have effects on our everyday life. 

Sometimes, snoring can simply be solved by changing the position that you sleep but for others, snoring can even be caused by weight or allergies, which is harder to tackle. 

We have bullet pointed some common causes that could be causing your snoring at night below and what puts you at risk. 

  • Your weight. 
  • Nasal issues. 
  • Alcohol consumption. 
  • Being a man. 
  • Allergies. 
  • Having a cold. 
  • Your mouth anatomy. 

Is It Possible For Allergies To Cause Snoring? 

Allergies can often cause a blocked nose in most people, which can contribute to snoring at night, this can happen if you are allergic to pollen particles in the air or dust particles, all of these harmful particles are invisible to the human eye. 

There are several ways a blocked nose can make you snore by - 

  • A partially blocked nose narrowing your airways, thus creating suction forces that create a palate snore while you sleep. 
  • Nasal breathing having popping sounds. 
  • Breathing through your mouth instead of your nose forces your airways to change shape, contributing to snoring.

You can figure out whether or not your snoring is due to allergies by asking yourself these questions -

  • Do you snore when you are away from home? 
  • Is your snoring followed by itchy eyes at night? 
  • Do you have a lot of dusty furnishings in your home? 
  • Does your allergy symptoms arrive randomly and fast rather than slow like a common cold?

Can An Air Purifier Stop My Snoring At Night? 

Snoring is usually caused by an underlying problem and can contribute to lack of sleep at night, an air purifier might not be able to stop your snoring entirely at night but can 100% help reduce it, especially if your snoring is due to allergies in the air.

Advantages Of Using an Air Purifier For Your Nose

Cleaning the air with filter air purifiers will stop irritating particles affecting your throat and nose, and is most effective for people who snore due to - 

  • Being in a household with smoke. 
  • Pet dander in the air. 
  • People who snore due to dust. 
  • Polluted areas. 
  • Hayfever.

Any conditions you have caused by congestion can be helped with an air purifier, but you should use it in conjunction with living a more healthy lifestyle to avoid snoring at night. 

The best filter air purifiers for people who snore are ones with a HEPA filter and carbon filter as they remove annoying particles and gases from the air, ozone air purifiers should not be used at all in your home, and are not to sleep with as they emit a harmful level of pollution from the ozone that can make breathing worse.

How Does an Air Purifier Work To Stop Snoring? 

An air purifier product works by sucking in the air in your bedroom at night, the air purifier technologies then filter out bad particles through their HEPA filter which can catch particles up to 0.3 microns in size such as harmful particles like dust mites and mould that can constrict airways, these get stuck to the filter inside of the purifier and it essentially traps them. 

A HEPA air purifier that has a charcoal carbon filter will not just catch dust particles and other regular particles, but also air pollution such as VOCs which can be dangerous to breathe in at night. 

This can all work to prevent snoring at night, for example, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, then these likely disrupt your levels of sleep at night, having an air purifier will help you filter out these pollen particles for a night of better night sleep. 

Do Air Purifiers Benefit Sleep Overall?

Not only can having an air purifier on at night help you battle your snoring, but it also has a wide range of other benefits for your sleep and overall well being too. 

Why Is My Air Purifier Hurting My Nose
  • It can give your more energy - It is a proven fact that exposure to VOCs while you sleep can make you feel more tired during the day due to exposure and inhalation of airborne pollutants in the air, the ideal air purifier will have carbon filtration, so will adsorb these VOCs, giving you more energy.
  • They remove radon gas - Radon gas is emitted from some building materials used in houses and is very dangerous and toxic when inhaled for long periods, contributing to even lung cancer in some people, a carbon filter will remove this.
  • Gets rid of bad odours - Bad odours and smells in bedroom air can interrupt your sleep and even lead to inflamed noses if the odours are from chemicals, a carbon filter will stop this.
  • Helps with symptoms of asthma - People who have asthma will have inflamed airways, and asthma can be worsened by pollutant particles in the air and dust mites, a HEPA true layer of filtration will block these particles from getting to an asthmatics airways night, making their symptoms more bearable.

What To Look For In An Air Purifier For Night

Since we already know that a HEPA and carbon filter air purifier is the best choice to help with snoring and quality of sleep at night, there are some other helpful features you can be making sure your purifier has if you are planning to use it at night. 

We have listed a few of these most essential features out below.

  • Size - One of the first specs to consider about your HEPA-type filter is the size, first of all, you want to ensure it is big enough to clean the air in your room, and second of all you want to make sure the whole-home product is portable if you will be moving out from your room after sleeping at night.
  • Noise - If your air purifier is specifically to help you with sleeping at night and excessive snoring, then you need to make sure that the noise is not too loud so as it can not disturb your sleep even more.
  • The filter type - We already know that a HEPA filter is the best kind you can buy for helping health issues, but you should make sure that it is a true HEPA filter, as these tend to be of a higher quality.
  • Air change per hour - This air change per hour rate and clean air delivery rate will show how often the purifier cleans your bedroom from harmful pollutants while you sleep.
  • Sleep timers - If you want your purifier to switch on or off, many of them have sleep modes or timers that will even turn them on to a low setting for less noise.
  • Night lights - A night light can be a relaxing and helpful feature to have if you are using your purifier mainly for night time use.

Other Tips For Helping Allergy-Related Snoring At Night 

If you have decided your snoring is probably related to allergies and you have already invested in an air purifier, you can try some other tips and tricks to handle your throat irritation and disordered breathing at night.

  • Wash your bedding and flip your mattress. 
  • Vaccum. 
  • Move furniture around.
  • Get rid of carpets. 
  • Wipe hard surfaces. 
  • Try a neti pot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Purifiers & Snoring 

Can I leave an air purifier on all night? 

Yes, there is no reason why you can't leave your air purifier on all night as it can help people with allergies sleep, and the longer it is left on, the more chance it will have to clean the bad particles out of the air, becoming very helpful if you have pet allergies or a dust mite allergy.

Do air purifiers have any negative health effects?

No, air purifiers made with mechanical filtration do not have any negative health effects, the only consequence of using them is that they can make the air drier but this can be solved with a humidifier. Ozone air purifiers however do have negative health effects and should be avoided at all costs due to the cons of ozone.

Will air purifiers help allergy sufferers at night?

Air purifiers left on at night will help with allergy flare-up symptoms and help establish a solid sleep schedule, even if you have severe seasonal allergies.

Final Words  

Overall, an air purifier might not be able to stop your snoring or sleep-disordered breathing at night fully, but it can help reduce snoring triggers if your snoring is caused by allergies or throat and nasal irritation.

The safe filtration of these irritating particles through HEPA filtration and advantages such as night light and sleep mode on a purifier can contribute to a better nights sleep.

Kirsten Carter
Kirsten Carter is a freelance content writer who specialises in writing about travel, technology and health. When she's not traveling between her home of Tanzania and England, she writes for her blog Rightminded Travelling and features on a variety of different travel and technology sites.

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