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September 14, 2016

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Top 3 Car Air Purifiers & Ionizers

JFA Smart Car Air Ionizer Review - Our Number 1

jfa-smart-car-air-ionizer-ionic-purifierThis shiny, silver and compact air purifier is perfect for cleansing your car air. Read on for the full list of features (CHECK PRICE!).

  • This air purifier uses anion sterilization technology to purify your air without leaving damp residue on the seats or windows.
  • The Car Air Purifier uses HEPA technology to effectively filter the air and remove harmful parasites.
  • This purifier features Zeolite carbon absorption technology which is able to get rid of 99.7% of bad smells.
  • The Car Air Purifier is made out of durable metal material, it is highly efficient, and won’t take up too much space. As this device weighs only 0.4kg it is very light and easily transported.
  • This purifier uses 12 watts and 12 volts so it shouldn’t consume too much energy. It also comes with a USB cable and car charger.


Features: Anion sterilizations technology - HEPA technology - Zeloite carbon absorption - Kills 99.7% of odours - Durable metal material - Lightweight - Comes with USB cable & charger.

Pricing: Mid-range.



FRiEQ Car Air Cleaner Review - Number 2

frieq-car-air-cleaner-oxygen-barThis sonic-screwdriver lookalike uses ionising technology to purify your air. Read on for a full list of its features.

  • This air purifier uses negative ions to get rid of bad odour and harmful airborne particles. The FriEQ generates 4.8 million negative ions per cm3, which is a large, effective amount.
  • Negative ions may some a bit technical, but the concept behind them is very simple. When oxygen atoms are highly charged and they get another electron attached to them, they become natively charged. Negative ions are a common, natural substance and occur in nature all the time.
  • After negative ions have been generated they will leave the air purifier and attach to harmful particles such as germs, pollen and mould, and then they will remove the harmful particles from the air because the combined weight of the negative ion and the harmful particle is too much for it to stay airborne.
  • Negative ions are not only effective at removing dust, spores and allergens, but they can also remove the viruses and bacteria that can cause illnesses.
  • Negative ions are also known to have a relaxing effect and can improve your health by decreasing your blood pressure and alleviating tension, and they could even help prevent headaches!
  • There is some controversy surrounding ionisers because they can create ozone, which is a potentially harmful substance. The reality is that the ozone that is produced from approved purifiers is a very small amount and ozone in general is a fairly shot-lived gas that doesn’t build up unless a huge quantity is generated in a very short space of time.
  • The FriEQ is an attractive, microphone/sonic-screwdriver look alive complete with an LED light.


Features: Generates 4.8 million negative ions per cm3 - Successful at removing dust, bad smells & harmful particles - Can have a relaxing & positive effect - Attractive design

Pricing: Affordable.



Fresh O2 Review - Number 3

fresh-o2This is another futuristic looking air purifier that has been specially designed to combat cigarette smoke. Read on for all the features.

  • This purifier also generates 4.8 million negative ions to eradicate cigarette smoke, allergies and odours from your car.
  • Ioniser purifiers use negative ions to increase your health and well being, not only by removing bacteria, dust and harmful particles but also by improving the air quality in general. Negative ions are known for their bacteria and virus fighting ability and they can prove useful for every day health, help with blood pressure and headaches, and make you feel more relaxed.
  • This purifier comes with it’s own free travel case so you can keep it safe when it’s not being used and prevent it from being damaged.
  • The Purifier for Smoke also includes a free air freshener designed by Fresh 02 to improve the smell of your car, so your car can smell fragrant as well as clean.
  • As part of their commitment to customer service this company will give you a refund if you are not satisfied with their product.


Features: Free travel case - Free air freshener - Money back guarantee.

Pricing: Affordable.



All of the air purifiers mentioned above would help improve your cars air quality, but first place has to go to the JFA Smart Car Air Ionizer. This air purifier uses anion sterilization and HEPA technology to cleanse your car air, it uses carbon absorption technology to get rid of nasty smells, it is made out of strong, durable metal material and it comes with a free USB cable and charger.



As cars are such a confined space, odours and harmful particles can accumulate very quickly inside them. Leaving your window open can help but that’s not always viable, especially on cold winter days. Air conditioning is another option but it doesn’t actually improve the quality of the air itself because all it does is move the contaminated air around, making it colder but no cleaner than it was before. Don’t worry though because all isn’t lost, you may just need to invest in a car air purifier.

Car air purifiers do the same job that regular purifiers do. They help cleanse the air you breath and kill harmful bacteria and particles, but car air purifiers by necessity are a lot more compact so they can easily fit into your car without taking up too much space. We understand that buying air purifiers can be quite time consuming (especially if you don’t know what to look for) but we’ve got you covered with our list of the top 3 air purifiers specially designed for cars.

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