Bionaire Air Purifier with Permanent Filters & Particle Sensor

If you are concerned about the quality of the air in your home or if you or someone in your household is an asthma or allergy sufferer, you could definitely benefit from investing in an air purifier. Whilst there are many different brands, designs and features available on the market it’s always important to invest in a good quality air purifier that can really make a difference to the air that you breath every day.

Shopping for air purifiers can be daunting and time consuming, particularly if you’ve never bought one before or you’re not sure what all the jargon means. Luckily for you there are loads of bionaire-air-purifier-with-permanent-filters-and-particle-sensorhelpful reviews online, and this is one of them.

Today we are reviewing the Bionaire Air Purifier. This is an impressive, fairly high-end air purifier that could definitely help you breathe easier. Read on for some of its best features.

  • Most air purifiers tend to become a bit costly over time because you normally have to replace their filters, but the Bionaire air purifier features two permanent HEPA style filters that will never need to be replaced and all you need to do is vacuum them to remove any excess dust! This will save you money in the long run and takes away a lot of of the hassle.
  • The Bionaire purifier has a sensor that will monitor your air and choose the best level based on how many harmful particles are currently in the air. This smart piece of technology means you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting the Bionaire all the time, and this is a particularly handy feature because the purifier will automatically up it’s pace if it detects stronger smells.
  • Bionaire uses a sophisticated sensor system to select the best speed for your needs. This system is called light scattering, and it basically measures the distance between the particles, the sensor and the laser light source. If the sensor detects something and the light source confirms it is a particle the purifier will automatically select the most appropriate speed. This is an innovative, unique system that ensures your air is cleaned no matter how few or how many particles are currently in it.
  • This air purifier has an eight hour timer, so you can set it ahead of time or leave it running as you sleep. This feature means you will only have to manually set the air purifier once of twice a day, and the rest of the time you can enjoy clean air in peace.
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  • The Bionaire purifier has four separate speed settings which can be set manually. These settings include a quiet night mode which will let you sleep soundly whilst you breath healthy and clean air.
  • This purifier has a smoke CADR of 110. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery rate, and it basically measures your air in cubic feet and determines how much air your purifier can filter within a minute.
  • This purifier has an ioniser which helps rid the air of harmful spores and viruses.

If you are looking for a high quality air purifier with permanent filters which harnesses innovative technology to make your air extra clean, then this may be the purifier for you.


Features: Permanent HEPA style filters, smart sensor, light scattering, eight hour timer, four speed settings, Smoke CADR of 110, ioniser to help protect against viruses.

Pricing: High-end


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